Tailor-made Logistics



As Gans Cargo Operations we thrive in situations where special needs are required. 
Our team analyzes the challenges, while taking into account our client’s wishes, to offer custom made and flexible solutions. 

We emphasize on innovation and creativity, both which are necessary while facing these challenges.
We have successfully merged with start-ups and look to continuously invest and innovate in the logistical supply chain of today and tomorrow. 


• Established multiple long-term partnerships
   in a wide-range of logistical services
• Shipped 1000+ containers in 2019
• Performed 500+ airfreight shipments in 2019
• Invested in assets to make projects more viable
   e.g. yard-tractor(s) and multiple road chassis'

Thinking outside the box

As Gans Cargo operations we pride ourselves on being able to provide tailor-made solutions which meet the supply chain requirements of our customer(s). Hereby going the extra mile and thinking outside the box.