Bulk Logistics



We provide a one-stop-shop when it comes to bulk cargo handling.
Whether your cargo requires (intermediate) storage or if you want it to be shipped directly to its final destination, Gans Cargo Operations will provide the means of making it happen. 

Our history means that you can rely on over 100 years of experience in cargo handling, storage and shipping various bulk materials.  


• 120.000 m3 covered storage in the port of Rotterdam
• 95.000 m3 long term rented bulk warehouse in the port of Ghent
• 4 x 13cbm new bult bulk grabs in Egypt for rental to owners and charterers
• Warehouse Management System with dedicated client portals

Our IT Solutions

• Fully integrated warehousing management systems
• 24/7 access to your stock information via our tailer-made client portal
• EDI connections to various systems
• Flexible and designed to serve our clients

Value added services

• Bulk blending operations
• Quality and quantity inspection
• Repacking into big bags and vice versa
• Export and import customs clearance formalities