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Gans Cargo Operations is a Rotterdam headquartered shipping and forwarding company, specialized in international supply chain logistics. Based on our experience and detailed discussions with our customers, we can offer innovative and tailor-made solutions for your logistic challenges. An increasing demand has influenced our decision to focus on the development of covered storage for dry bulk products at strategic locations worldwide. 


Gans Cargo Operations

 Your reliable service provider since 1907
• Pro-active and innovative supply chain logistics 
 Tailor-made transport solutions 
 Storage facilities at worldwide strategic locations

About Gans Cargo

Gans Cargo Operations has started her activities in the early days of the 20th century being the agent of the Gans Steamship line, New York. Delivering various products into Europe.

Over the years Gans has steadily developed into a specialist in handling and transportation of dry bulk products, serving a number of internationals in products ranging between fertilizers, grains, minerals and solid fuels.