Bulk Warehousing



In addition to various long term rented storage facilities at worldwide strategic locations, Hudig & Veder and Gans Cargo Operations have acquired a 120.000m3 new build state-of-the-art warehouse in the port of Rotterdam.

This warehouse located at the Laurenshaven is suitable for the covered storage of dry bulk products. The warehouse consists of multiple 5.000m3 and 3.500m3 compartments with sliding rooftops at deep water (10,65 mtr) quay directly under grab reach. 

Blending via sliding rooftops

One of the unique selling points of our warehouse, located at the Laurenshaven, are the sliding rooftops. This feature gives the opportunity to blend various qualities of bulk material, whilst remaining in covered storage.

Strategic storage possibilities

• Covered and non-covered storage for dry bulk materials
   on different locations in Europe
• Located at seaports within the ARAG-range
• Covered storage possibilities in the Middle East region and Egypt
• Non-covered storage for bulk and break-bulk materials at
   various terminals across Europe, Egypt and India


• Loading blended products via sliding rooftops
• Up to 4 compartments can be used for blending


• 5000m3 and 3500m3 compartments with sliding rooftops
• Deep water quay (10,65m) directly under grab reach

Loading & Discharging

• Combination storage and discharging into inland barge
• Adequate and timely distribution