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With our warehouse in Laurenshaven Rotterdam we as Gans Cargo Operations have, in joined development with Hudig & Veder, a highly efficient and professional warehouse solution. A solution that pays a crucial role into helping our customers achieving their logistic goals.

By working closely with our customers, we have developed long-lasting partnerships over the years. These partnerships enable us to continuously optimize our service levels. With the development of close collaborations, we give consistent excellent service and create long-term value. We pride ourselves on offering services resulting in consistent, effective and innovative partnerships. Some of our value adding services are:
- monitoring
- 24/7 cargo control
- sampling
- screening
- blending
- many more…

Warehouse Laurenshaven


Our warehouse in Laurenshaven is suitable for covered storage of dry bulk products and has moveable walls, sliding rooftops and deep water (10,65 mtr) quay directly under grab reach.  One of the unique selling points of our warehouse are the sliding rooftops. This feature gives the opportunity to blend various qualities of bulk material, whilst remaining in covered storage. Moveable walls give the possibility to change the size of the compartments.

Some interesting fact

- Indoor connected 8.400m2 covered warehouse with moveable walls 
- Loading and unloading with 50 tons grab-fitted mobile crane
- Covered and non-covered storage for dry bulk materials on different locations in Europe
- Located at seaports within the ARAG-range
- Covered storage possibilities in the Middle East region and Egypt
- Non-covered storage for bulk and break-bulk materials at various terminals across Europe, Egypt and India.

Want to learn more about our warehouse and our services? Please contact us and talk to our experts for details about the full range of services we provide!