Gans Cargo Operations has become part of the Hudig & Veder Group in 2010 and finds its origins in handling cargoes from New York. Gans Cargo Operations has started her activities in the early days of the 20th century, being the agent of the Gans Steamship Line, New York. Delivering various products into Europe. Over the years Gans has steadily developed into a specialist in handling and transportation of dry bulk products, serving a number of internationals in products ranging between fertilizers, grains, minerals and solid fuels.

In this article with Hans Lagendijk, Director at Gans Cargo Operations, we will take a closer look into today's daily activities and the focus on tailor-made logistics.

Our expertise - Petroleum cokes
Gans Cargo Operations is specialized in tailor-made logistics, mainly focused on ports in the ARAG-range. ARAG range covers the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ghent. Gans Cargo Operations focuses on tailor-made logistics, fully specialized in dry bulk products. With an unrivalled expertise in the handling, transportation and storage of both calcined and green delayed petroleum coke in bulk, they have a unique position. Petroleum coke is a black solid product, which is used as a raw material in the production processes of aluminium, titanium. It is also used in the steel industry. After the calcining process follows an indirect cooler system. After passing the cooler system, the calcined pet coke is around 40--50 degrees Celsius to make sure it is possible to safely handle, store and transport this dry bulk cargo. At Gans Cargo Operations, this product is being shipped worldwide. “It is possible that we also charter the sea-going vessel, arrange the barge transportation of the cargo and make sure it is being delivered to the end customer. We have multiple storage locations around the globe to safely store this cargo.” – explains Hans Lagendijk.



"Flexibility is one of our key values"


Hans Lagendijk started as a waterclerk with Gans Cargo Operations 30 years ago. Combined with a tremendous drive and passion for the industry, he has seen the entire work field. “It is incredibly valuable when you know exactly what the job on the field is like, which challenges my team have to face on a daily basis, and which innovations are feasible or not.” – emphasizes Hans Lagendijk.

Tailor made solutions
Flexibility is one of our key values. As Gans Cargo Operations, we pride ourselves on being able to provide tailor-made solutions which meet the supply chain requirements of our customer(s). Hereby, we are happy to go the extra mile and think outside the box. No matter what challenge our customer faces, we will always create a logistics solution that fits their needs. This will also be our focus for the coming years. We strive to be more than a logistics service provider. We want to be a partner to our customers, be part of their supply chain with our team of highly motivated professionals. Together with the entire Hudig & Veder team, we are now changing our IT system to the next level, preparing ourselves for the even more digital future. Digitization is one of the trends we see in the market. One of the other focus points is being ahead of the market and having the right people on board to grow as a team.

Our warehouse located in the Laurenshaven is one of our recent investments. A multipurpose warehouse that consists of various compartments so that different batches can be stored clean, dry and free from contamination. A unique designed sliding roof system ensures that a roof hatch can be opened at the touch of one button by the crane operator. This guarantees the quality of the products. The warehouse has a lot of expanding potential, which is also a huge asset. In this way, we can continue to serve our customer both now and in the future.