Sustainable tailor made logistics


Gans Cargo Operations, one of the most impressive examples of tailor-made logistics. At Gans Cargo Operations, the team members have become real coordinators in logistics. What is one of the most interesting projects? How did Gans Cargo Operations set this up, and what will the future hold?


A project explained: MMR, Mitsubishi Metal Recycling

“We are involved in the project MMR, Mitsubishi Metal Recycling”, Mike de Heer – Operations, starts to explain. “For a long time, a lot of items such as circuit boards have simply been considered as waste. Now we participate in a project where circuit boards are removed from devices and shipped directly to Japan. Our customer in Japan has found a way to create a circular flow by using the circuit boards, also known as e-scrap, for extraction of metals for other industrial purposes. It all started with a few containers every day, and has now grown tremendously.” Gans is responsible for the air freight, road transport, maintenance, and stock supply of the factory in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. The planning is made by the team of MMR and Gans is daily occupied with all operational and strategical challenges and activities in this factory.

Mike continuous: “I have been working for Gans Cargo Operations for almost 4 years now. I started working here because of the interesting logistical challenges and projects they were heading to. Something I certainly wanted to be part of and contribute to. I wanted a challenging job and I truly found it,” Mike explains with enthusiasm. “The diversity is tremendous. My job includes arranging logistical processes, taking control of the stock levels in the factory, and optimizing certain processes. For example, a few months ago we noticed that our drivers faced quite some waiting time on the terminal. We decided to physically go there at the busiest hours, between 1PM and 3PM, and simply watched the processes. As a result of our analysis, we concluded that we needed to implement an evening shift to prevent further delay of the order lead time.”

“The road to more sustainable supply chains”



Gans goes green
At Gans Cargo, we focus on improving the sustainability of all logistics activities. We must go green!  Last year the world had a big wake-up call and de focus has more than ever shifted towards making all (industrial) processes more sustainable. This is a challenge Gans already started with a few years ago. Next to sustainable products, the supply chain itself must become more eco-friendly as well. We are looking into the possibility of  booking greener vessels or even electric trucks. Some initiatives in the market are not reliable, efficient or viable yet and therefore not ready for implementation. “We all hope that this changes very soon. For us, it is important to think about these challenges, the role we want to play in more eco-friendly supply chains and how we will increase our impact,” Mike explains. One step has already been taken. Gans Cargo Operations is fully paperless. “We digitalized our processes, reduced our footprint and got rid of paperwork. This is a major step in our market and the work we do. Our paperless processes and new IT infrastructure combined makes us ready for the future. Gans Cargo Operations is the reliable one-stop-shop. We offer our tailor-made logistics solutions with a well-trained and experienced team and high-end IT solutions for immediate information exchange with our customers. However, our focus is to make the life of our customers easier. It does not matter to what extent communication is preferred online, we will always be not more than one phone-call away,  24/7. That is who we are, and who we always will be.”